Thermal device circuit breakers protect against power distribution overload

07-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Phoenix Contact TCP Thermal Device Circuit Breakers offer optimum protection against overload for power distribution systems. When the circuit breaker trips, the integrated switch function facilitates immediate reactivation. Unlike a fuse, the circuit breaker does not need to be replaced. The higher the overload, the faster the thermal device circuit breaker trips. The devices include 16A and 20A plugs in a slim package for protecting devices with higher nominal currents.

Combined with the terminal block bases, these thermal circuit breakers can provide applications up to 250VAC and 65VDC with basic protection. TCP devices are ideal for replacing existing fuses with re-closable variants, minimising maintenance effort. The two-piece construction provides the convenience of a simple change-out. This series provides two distinct operational characteristics: on/off and trip reset or only trip reset.

Typical applications include protection against overload for inductive and resistive loads in power distribution systems, control cabinets, and equipment; protection of actuators, sensors, motors, heating elements and fans, lighting, solenoid valves, transformers, and onboard networks; and resistant to high starting currents encountered when starting motors and switching on transformers.

By Seb Springall