Isolated power module in a MicroModule package

11-11-2022 | Wurth | Power

Würth Elektronik has expanded the product families of its MagI³C power modules with the MagI³C-FIMM fixed isolated MicroModule. It joins the options of an isolated power module with those of a MicroModule in an LGA-7 package and measures only 9mm x 7mm x 3.1mm. The isolation capacitance between the primary and secondary windings is generally only 8pF. The 1W output power is maintained to an ambient temperature of 100C with no derating. It provides one of the best modules in the portfolio of fully isolated modules with an efficiency of up to 91%.

These power modules are fully integrated DC-DC converters with a switching power stage, controller, inductor, and input/output capacitors. It needs no external circuitry as all components, including CIN and COUT, are integrated, enabling quick and easy circuit design without transformer expertise.

It provides a small size, high efficiency, and an extended operating ambient temperature to 125C. The module supplies continuous short-circuit protection and overvoltage protection up to 3000V.

The module is ideal for data acquisition, test and measurement technology applications, supplying interfaces and microcontrollers, and other needs in industrial electronics. It offers functional isolation for overvoltage protection and minimises ground loops, ground shifts, and noise in the signal path or sensor systems. According to the manufacturer's measurements, the low-radiated EMI with tested filter combination is under the EN55032 Class B/CISPR-32 limits. It is certified according to the current UL standard UL62368-1.


By Seb Springall