Hotswap application specific MOSFETs with improvement doubled in SOA

23-11-2022 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has extended its ‘ASFETs for Hotswap and Soft Start’ portfolio with the release of ten new 25V and 30V fully optimised devices, combining industry-leading enhanced SOA performance with extremely low RDS(on), making them excellent for use in 12V hotswap applications including data centre servers and communications equipment.

For several years, the company has been combining proven MOSFET expertise and wide application experience to develop market leading ASFETs, devices in which critical MOSFET performance characteristics are improved to satisfy the necessities of particular applications. Since the launch of ASFETs, success has been seen with products optimised for battery isolation, DC motor control, PoE, automotive airbag applications and more.

In-rush currents can raise a reliability challenge in hotswap applications. The company has addressed this concern by designing a portfolio of ‘ASFETs for Hotswap and Soft Start with enhanced SOA’ optimised for such applications. The PSMNR67-30YLE ASFET delivers 2.2x stronger SOA (12V @100mS) than previous technologies while having an RDS(on) (max) as low as 0.7mOhm. The Spirito effect (represented by the steeper downward slope found on SOA curves at higher voltages) has been eradicated, while exceptional performance is maintained over the full voltage and temperature range (compared to unoptimised devices).

It further supports designers by dismissing the necessity to thermally de-rate designs by fully characterising these new devices at 125C and offering hot SOA datasheet curves.

With eight new devices (three 25V and five 30V) offered in a selection of LFPAK56 and LFPAK56E packages with RDS(on) ranging from 0.7mOhm to 2mOhm, the majority of hotswap and soft start applications are addressed. Two further 25V products (with an even lower RDS(on) of 0.5mOhm) are planned for release over the coming months.

By Seb Springall