Hand soldering platform prevents costly downtimes

02-11-2022 | Distrelec | Industrial

Distrelec now offers Weller Tools’ new smart soldering platform WXsmart. The platform consists of a two-channel soldering station and a hot air module with air and vacuum requirements. This All-in-One station serves as ‘the brain’ of the workbench by converging all soldering applications into one station. A calibration unit and a soldering tip holder make this platform a total soldering solution.

Designed to fulfil today’s top manufacturing trends, including Industrie 4.0, miniaturisation and sustainability, the platform enables control operations, provides soldering quality and facilitates data collection for greater traceability, audit and report purposes. It is the first system with built-in cybersecurity to avert costly downtimes.

This hand soldering platform is claimed to be the most connected, smartest, and secured hand soldering solution in the world.

By Seb Springall