GNSS module offers a fully integrated and reliable lane identification solution

25-11-2022 | U-Blox | Micros

u-blox has released the ZED-F9K-01A, a high-precision GNSS module with embedded advanced hardware, software, and the latest generation IMU to supply an advanced, self-contained positioning solution. The module supports L1/L2/E5B and L1/L5 bands for maximum flexibility, satellite availability, and security. It combines multi-band and multi-constellation GNSS technology with dead reckoning high-precision RTK, which provides decimeter-level accuracy.

The module natively supports the u-blox PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service. It supplies multiple GNSS and IMU outputs in parallel to support all likely architectures, including a 50Hz sensor-fused solution with very low latency. It provides advanced real-time applications, while the optimised multi-band and multi-constellation capability maximises the number of visible satellites even in urban conditions.

It includes a reliable protection level output and advanced security features, including anti-spoofing and anti-jamming. Operation up to 105C makes it feasible to incorporate the product anywhere in the car with no design constraints.

“The u-blox ZED-F9K-01A primarily targets ADAS applications, paving the way to full car autonomy. Being a fully integrated solution that includes the latest u-blox R&D technology for automotive, it helps OEMs greatly reduce their development efforts and time to market,” says Martin Wallebohr, senior product manager Automotive GNSS at u-blox.

CES 2023, booth #10923, Las Vegas, 5-8 January 2023.


By Seb Springall