Gate driver board enables high efficiency for automotive and industrial applications

21-11-2022 | Skyworks | Power

Skyworks has introduced the Si828x gate driver board (GDB), an isolated gate driver reference design that works with Wolfspeed’s SiC FET power modules. With the adoption of SiC for power conversion and inverter applications growing – driven by consumer demand for better range, faster charging, and more efficient propulsion for

EVs – there is an increasing requirement for gate drivers optimised for SiC FETs. The new GDB kit replaces often complex gate driver board layouts, simplifying design and allowing increased integration over competing designs for automotive applications.

Designed and tested for Wolfspeed XM3 SiC FET modules and instantiated on an evaluation board, the kit keeps high voltage/high current SiC modules from overload and circuit damage. It is one of the leading industry products for the protection of these modules from fault-related impairment.


By Seb Springall