All-in-one microphone evaluation module enables rapid development solutions

15-11-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

TDK InvenSense SmartSound One Microphone Interface Module, available now from Mouser, is an all-in-one microphone interface module that provides rapid evaluation and development of TDK MEMS microphone solutions. Users may link up to two edge connector FPCBs and choose the audio output interface to record over USB and evaluate the performance of a specific application. SmartSound One offers an EEPROM to load the factory default DSP program on power-up, providing a plug-and-play solution. There are two parallel signal processing paths for analog and digital microphones, which users can choose using the ‘mode’ button, which is routed via the DSP and the onboard USB audio codec to deliver audio data packets over USB. The board also offers a variety of configuration jumpers to set compatible microphones in either low-power or high-quality listening modes, and a level boost of up to +30dB of digital gain for the convenience of real-time signal monitoring.

The device delivers high-quality stereo audio capture to any PC recording software or as a real-time microphone input. It offers a simple user push-button interface to select common microphone output types (analog single-ended, analog differential, PDM).

The kit contains one SmartSound One evaluation module, USB cable, and TDK flexible PCB MEMS microphone, EV_T5837-FX2.


By Seb Springall

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