3D PCB-less magnetic sensor ideal for vehicle safety and ADAS applications

11-11-2022 | Allegro | Industrial

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc has released the A31316 3D Hall-effect position sensor, the latest addition to its 3DMAG line of 3D sensors. Supplied in an industry-smallest 4mm × 4mm body PCB-less package, this new sensor is ideal for ADAS applications requiring high levels of flexibility and reliable performance in extreme conditions, such as powertrain and chassis applications, as well as industrial applications that need linear or rotary sensing.

Powertrain and chassis applications, passenger restraint systems, and shifter systems are subjected to environmental vibrations and contaminants that may degrade performance. The position sensors employed in powertrain and chassis applications generally need support components, such as PCBs and capacitors, and – when a position sensor is needed in a dirty, high-vibration environment – the assembly of system components may become corrupted by debris and vibration, which can impede the performance of the assembly. The same is true for many industrial linear and rotary sensing applications. Designers are challenged to fit robust designs within the allotted dirty, high-vibration space.

The sensor eradicates the necessity for a PCB or other external components. This sensor combines the die and capacitors in a single package to satisfy the demand for high-performance, compact position sensors that are robust in these environments. The device pins may be welded or soldered directly to connector leadframes and over-moulded or potted for a tight seal for vibration-robust designs. These integration options greatly lower the ability for contaminants and vibration to affect performance and can bring new design flexibility to spaces where mechanical vibration and contamination are possible issues.

Designed for rotary and long-stroke linear applications, the device maintains high angle accuracy across the full Grade 0 temperature range (-40C to 150C). Its flexible calibration table (33 fixed points or 22 freely placed points) allows options that can lower the time and complexity of end-of-line calibration and minimise errors due to mechanical misalignment. It possesses advanced on-chip diagnostic features to provide reliable, safe operation.

“Vehicles are becoming more complex with each passing year, and the number of sensors needed in modern safety and ADAS applications is increasing rapidly. System designers are looking for options that are both flexible and robust, and the A31316 meets that need,” says Scott Milne, business line director for Position Sensors at Allegro. “It’s a great option for safety-critical applications – such as restraint and shifter systems, parking locks, and inhibitor switches – or for challenging applications – such as transmissions and braking systems, where heat and moisture can degrade performance. We’re excited to enable the next generation of vehicle safety systems with this technology.”

By Seb Springall