Simplifying analysis of charging communication with new hardware device

19-10-2022 | Vector | Test & Measurement

With the 'CCS Listener' VH5110A, Vector has simplified the analysis of CCS charging communication. Charging station manufacturers and operators, and automobile manufacturers benefit from this hardware. Connected to an inductive coupler that is readily placed around the charging cable, the analysis hardware is ready for fast deployment in the field. But the device can also be employed for continuously recording in-vehicle charging communication with a data logger.

The handy device has already proven itself in the market and provides passive, interference-free 'listening' to the CCS charging communication between the e-vehicle and charging station (DIN 70121, ISO 15118, IEC 61851). The analysis of the data communication takes place with no man-in-the-middle intervention. Communication is unaffected throughout analysis, as the PLC signal can even be tapped indirectly through an inductive coupler with no connection to the signal-carrying Control Pilot in the charging cable. This way, users can also avoid complex isolation from the high voltage. The communication is shown in the CANoe analysis software.

With the device, the company helps to enhance interoperability between the charging infrastructure and e-vehicles continuously. This applies in the field for short-term analysis, for example, in the event of charging interruptions and for continuous recording of charging processes in conjunction with a data logger in the test vehicle. The device hardware fits in any laptop bag and is ready for instant use on-site.

Whether for critical problem analysis in the field or systematic improvement of interoperability, as a specialist, the device scores with its broad variety of applications and ease of use.


By Seb Springall