New VHF/UHF dipole, collinear and Yagi antennas released

20-10-2022 | KP Performance Antennas | Industrial

KP Performance Antennas has released a new series of VHF/UHF dipole, collinear and Yagi antennas for land mobile radio (LMR), public safety, defence communications, trunking and amateur radio applications.

Its innovative series of VHF/UHF exposed dipole arrays, omnidirectional collinear, and Yagi antennas cover frequencies of 135MHz to 512MHz and provide high-power handling of over 200W.

The rugged outdoor designs of these VHF/UHF antennas assure high performance in all environmental conditions. The individual folded and straight dipole antennas enable minimal storage and efficient transportation. The company also provides pre-configured dipole arrays with internalised cabling, making for swift and simple deployments.

The VHF/UHF antennas offer multiple gain options with fixed and adjustable dipole configurations. All components are DC grounded for lightning protection and are provided in optional prefabricated arrays with fixed quarter-wave or half-wave spacing from the mast.

“Our new series of VHF/UHF dipole, collinear, and Yagi antennas are ideal for LMR, public safety, defence, government, marine, construction, and mining. These antennas are designed to improve signal quality, handle high power input, and cover broad bandwidths,” said Kevin Hietpas, Antenna product line manager.


By Seb Springall

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