Green laser diode suited for biomedical applications and laser projection

27-10-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Sharp Microelectronics GH05230H2K Green Laser Diode, available now from Mouser, is optimised for biomedical applications and laser projection.

The device provides a 520nm (±5nm) wavelength and a 30mW typical optical output power. This single-mode Laser Diode provides a typical 30mW output power with a 6.5V operating voltage and a 70mA operating current. The device is housed in a rugged Φ5.6mm TO-CAN package.

Depending on the mode of operation, the laser Diode emits highly-concentrated visible and non-visible light, which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products incorporating this device must follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1.

Typical application areas include projection, bioanalytical, imaging, machine vision, alignment, and laser pointers.