Micro-ATX motherboards created for nonstop operation in industrial environments

01-09-2022 | Review Display | Subs & Systems

Review Display Systems (RDS) has introduced a new family of industrial motherboards from Kontron. New to the market, the Kontron K384x series Micro-ATX motherboards all offer Intel's latest high-performance 12th Generation Alder Lake chipset technology.

Designed and produced for continuous 24-hour operation in industrial environments, the Micro-ATX K3481-Q, K3482-Q and K3843-B supply diverse levels of integration, cost performance, and provide support for many Intel processors, including the Core i9, i7, i5, i3, and Pentium and Celeron processors.

Best-in-class system performance is provided, with common features over all three motherboards, incorporating four memory sockets supporting up to 128GB of the latest DDR5-4800 DIMM, four DisplayPorts enable support for four independent external displays, multiple M.2 SSD expansion capability, four USB 3.2 (Gen1/Gen2), four PCI Express (Gen5) sockets, RS232 serial comms and one 8-bit GPIO. CPU TDP can be readily and simply lowered to aid onboard power management and cooling needs.

Peter Marchant, embedded division manager, RDS, said, "Kontron is one of the first manufacturers to design, develop and produce new Micro-ATX boards using the latest 12th Generation Intel processors. The Kontron K348x series offers a high level of onboard integration, an extensive expansion capability and provide an effective cost of ownership which enables use in a broad range of industrial applications."

The K3481-Q combines the high-performance Intel Q670E Chipset and delivers the highest level of functionality and connectivity with three Ethernet ports (two 2.5Gbps and one 1Gbps) on the rear I/O. Ethernet teaming and Intel TCC are also supported.

Implementing the Intel Q670 chipset, the K3482-Q supports a single 1Gbps Ethernet port. The K3483-B provides a more cost-effective and less densely populated version of the K3482-Q and is provided with the Intel B660 business chipset. The K3482-B and K3483-Q offer a wide range of connectivity and have integrated TPM 2.0 onboard to support Windows 11.

The Kontron K3481-Q, K3482-Q, and K3483-B Micro-ATX motherboards offer mechanical outline dimensions of 243.8mm (w) x 243.8mm (l) and support an operating temperature range of 0C to +60C which allows use in various application environments.

RDS can design, develop, and deliver fully integrated, bespoke embedded systems featuring computing hardware, high-resolution displays, mechanical fixtures and fittings, firmware, and OS support.

By Seb Springall