MCU delivers premium features typically found on expensive devices

28-09-2022 | Microchip Technology | Automotive & Transport

To provide manufacturers with an MCU solution equipped with components that meet ISO 26262 functional safety and ISO/SAE 21434 cybersecurity engineering standards, Microchip Technology Inc has released the PIC32CM JH MCU. This is the industry’s first MCU-based on the Arm Cortex-M0+ architecture with AUTOSAR support, MBIST and secure boot.

The device is compatible with AUTOSAR, allowing suppliers to switch to lower-level hardware but keep the original application code, making it simpler to migrate between different designs. AUTOSAR-ready is created to streamline the development process and decrease overall costs. When using AUTOSAR, the company provides ASIL B MCALs for functional safety applications – providing the lower-level hardware interface to the MCU.

The device, when paired with one of the company's Trust Anchor TA100 CryptoAutomotive security ICs, is compliant to ISO/SAE 21434, the new Cybersecurity Standard for Automotive. The TA100 uses ultra-secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage and cryptographic countermeasures to eradicate potential backdoors linked to software weaknesses.

“With the PIC32CM JH MCU, Microchip is addressing the growing need for microcontroller solutions that are designed with functional safety and cybersecurity protection, which is particularly important in the automotive industry,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip Technology’s 32-bit MCU business unit.

“OEMs and other manufacturers now have the option to use an entry-level Arm Cortex-M0+ based MCU to meet compliance requirements previously only available on higher-end MCUs.”

Additionally, the device incorporates advanced touch with Driven Shield Plus, providing noise and water-tolerant operability. This feature is required for home appliances, industrial and automotive applications where the touch must work in various harsh environments.

By Seb Springall