Integrated power stages expand fixed-frequency portfolio

27-09-2022 | Infineon | Power

In the 5th generation fixed-frequency (FF) CoolSET portfolio, Infineon Technologies AG, provides the right components to effectively manage critical design trade-offs. The new 800V and 950V AC/DC IPS are housed in a DIP-7 package and address applications including auxiliary power supplies for home appliances, AC/DC converters, battery chargers, solar energy systems, and motor control and drives.

The solution combines a PWM controller IC with the latest high voltage CoolMOS P7 SJ MOSFETs in a single package. The extended portfolio now incorporates the first device on the market that employs an avalanche-rugged SJ MOSFET with a breakdown voltage of 950V to provide for a wider input voltage. The new devices allow isolated and non-isolated topologies such as flyback or buck and operate at switching frequencies of 100kHz and 65kHz. Accommodating the cost-efficient buck topology and flyback in one device simplifies the customer supply chain. An integrated error amplifier supports direct feedback from the primary output, which is standard for non-isolated topologies. Moreover, this further reduces the number of components and design complexity.

The frequency reduction mode with soft gate driving and frequency jitter operation provides lower EMI and improves the efficiency between mid- and light load conditions. The devices also support continuous (CCM) and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). For low AC line input conditions, CCM operation can accomplish lower conduction losses and, therefore, a higher efficiency to satisfy international regulatory standards for energy efficiency. At the same time, the integrated MOSFET supports an ultra-wide input voltage range typically associated with single-phase smart metering and industrial applications. Also, the devices help to optimise the snubber circuitry to improve the efficiency further and lower the standby power consumption of the converter.

All new devices deliver a high level of integration and come with a comprehensive suite of protection elements with auto-restart to support the power supply system in failure situations. These protection features, with the high breakdown voltage of the SJ MOSFET, provide an increased power supply robustness. On top of that, the active burst mode enhances the light-load performance and allows ultra-low standby power consumption with small and controllable output voltage ripple.