Polymer composite enhances safety for touch display solutions

18-08-2022 | Review Display | Subs & Systems

Review Display Systems (RDS) has introduced a new material technology for use with PCap touchscreens from AMT. The AMT Polym Touch solution employs a new polymer composite material as the top cover lens to improve the protection of the PCap touch substrate and notably improve the capacity to withstand impact forces. The solution utilises a polymer composite for the cover lens, which is only half the weight of the equivalent glass size.

The implementation of a polymer composite cover lens allows the complete PCap touch solution to be thin, lightweight, and exceptionally durable with significantly improved impact resistance while still fulfilling the requirements of the IK10 drop ball test rating (equivalent to a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impact surface).

Justin Coleman, display business manager, RDS, said, "AMT's composite polymer PCap solution provides excellent impact resistance and is suitable for small and medium-sized products that need to be lightweight, rugged, and able to meet industry standard drop test specifications. AMT is constantly improving and developing the functionality, flexibility, and reliability of their PCap touch solutions. The new Polym Touch cover lens solution offers greater scope and versatility for new PCap touch designs."

The composite polymer material also provides anti-UV properties and meets the ASTM G154-Cycle 1QUV 1000 hours standard for measuring accelerated outdoor weathering conditions. It is, therefore, able to withstand UV ray damage with no further processing. An operating temperature range of -30C to +60C is supported.

The polymer composite material can be applied to a diverse range of AMT PCap designs and offers support for a wide range of touch controllers, including PenMount P2 series (Microchip IC), PenMount K1 series (ILITEK IC), and AE series (EETI IC) touch controllers.

The solution is now available for PCap touch panels up to 15" display diagonal with 362mm (l) x 216mm (w) mechanical outline dimensions. Cover lens thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm are supported.