New series of Wi-Fi antennas deliver high gain and high efficiency

02-08-2022 | Kyocera AVX | Passives

Kyocera AVX Components Corporation offers a new series of IP67-rated, external, dual-band Wi-Fi antennas optimised for 2.4GHz and 5GHz applications. The new X9001748 Series of external, dual-band Wi-Fi antennas provide a standardised, ready-to-use, RoHS-compliant design with IP67 sealing for dependable outdoor operation and offer high-gain, high-efficiency, and high-reliability performance in low- and high-band applications with various device configurations and frequencies spanning 2,400-2,485MHz and 5,150-5,850MHz.

The series’ standardised, ready-to-use, and RoHS-compliant design provides fewer design changes, allows quick and easy implementation using standard or RP SMA connectors, and speeds product development and time-to-market. Its broad range of frequency options, high gain, -efficiency, and -reliability performance, and IP67-rated protection against dust and immersion (1m for 30 minutes) make it excellent for use in 2.4GHz and 5GHz indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ISM, and Zigbee applications as well as routers, access points, gateways, IoT gateways and devices, smart meters, home automation equipment, smart city infrastructure, smart agriculture, telematics, M2M communication, structural health monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

The series is currently offered as four part numbers, all of which have linear polarisation and TPEE radomes, measure 180mm ±2mm in height and 12.98mm ±0.2mm in diameter and weigh 24g. They are also provided in black and white and with SMA or RP-SMA male connectors for extra design flexibility. These new external, dual-band Wi-Fi antennas display 50-Ohm feed-point impedance, less than -9.00dB return loss, 3.2dBi peak gain, and 71% average efficiency in low-band (2.4GHz) applications and lower than -7.33dB return loss, 3.6dBi peak gain, and 68% average efficiency in high-band (5GHz) applications and are rated for operating temperatures covering -40C to +120C.

“We designed the new IP67-rated, external, dual-band Wi-Fi antennas to satisfy wireless device engineers’ most critical requirements, including standardised designs for greater flexibility, easier implementation, and quicker time-to-market, robust packaging for reliable outdoor operation, and best-in-class performance across a wide range of frequencies,” said Houda Rais, RF product manager for KYOCERA AVX’s EMEA marketing division.

By Seb Springall