Corner-placement antenna created for scaled-down GNSS designs

16-08-2022 | Antenova Ltd | Passives

Antenova Ltd adds a new offering to its miniature SMD antennas, and modules range created for GNSS applications. The new antenna, Agosti, part number SR4G080, measures 9mm x 5.8mm x 1.7mm and functions with excellent efficiency in a smaller space on a corner of a PCB.

The key advantage of the antenna is its small ground plane necessity. Most SMD antennas utilise the surface of the PCB around the antenna as a ground plane to radiate signal from, so the ground plane need not the physical dimensions of the antenna that determines the space it requires. The company's radiated measurement results demonstrate the antenna operates well on small ground planes of 40mm x 20mm, 70mm x 25mm and 80mm x 30mm, making it a suitable option for small form factor designs.

It also provides designers with additional layout options, as it is intended to be placed on a corner of their PCB.

Antenova's product marketing manager, Michael Castle, says: "Small SMD antennas such as Agosti are an exciting alternative to the common delicate ceramic patch antennas used in GNSS designs. This is not just because the SMD antennas are significantly smaller, it is also because they provide omnidirectional performance. Patch antennas are typically 12 mm or 14 mm square, are heavier than SMD antennas, and need a much larger ground plane and keep-out area. They also have to be placed in the centre of a circuit board and only work well when they point at the sky. Antenova's new generation of SMD antennas overcome all of these limitations and perform well regardless of position and orientation of the device."

"Agosti's small ground plane and good isolation make it ideal for small wearable devices, trackers and OBDs which move around freely. It offers the two key advantages of being omnidirectional and small."

By Seb Springall