Advanced technologies support low-carbon vehicle developments

18-08-2022 | TTI Europe | Automotive & Transport

TTI Europe will show the latest fuel-cell and EVs technologies at the Cenex-Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) event at UTAC in Millbrook, UK, on stand C4 619, 7th-8th September 2022. Visitors will discover new developments and understand what the company’s valued manufacturing partners are doing to advance the automotive market.

“By investing in and stocking the latest electronic components, TTI Europe is at the forefront when it comes to supporting the next generation of low carbon vehicles, and we are excited to be sharing these with visitors of the show,” said Dermot Byrne, industry marketing director, Transportation at TTI Europe. “We will be displaying products including advanced sensors, connectors and passive components for the electrification of vehicles, which will help to accelerate sustainability in the automotive industry and the transition towards e-mobility.”

Stand visitors will have the chance to learn all about innovative technologies from its valued manufacturing partners, including Air-cooled CCS2 Charge Cables from Amphenol, AC Type 2 cables from Aptiv, the Type 2 outlet sockets from ITT Cannon, multi-pole relays from Panasonic and FG-R05 series current sensors from Yageo. Similarly, Battery Leakage Detection sensors from Amphenol SGX, high voltage fuses from Littelfuse, HV MLCCs from Knowles, Mosfets from Vishay and rugged Mini50 PCB connectors from Molex will help designers of Battery Packs, BMS boards and Power Distribution Units. Whereas vehicle OEM engineers should appreciate the Spin Pad Motor Sensors from Kyocera AVX, HV relays from TE Kilovac and the CCS2 Charging Inlets from TE Connectivity.