Wafer-level MOSFETs offer market-leading efficiency

27-07-2022 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has released the PMCB60XN and PMCB60XNE 30V N-channel small-signal trench MOSFETs, with market-leading RDS(on) in the ultra-compact wafer-level DSN1006 package, to enable energy to go further where space is tight, and battery runtime is essential.

The new MOSFETs are ideal for highly miniaturised electronics like smartphones, smart watches, hearing aids, and earphones. They support the trend toward greater intelligence and richer functionality that increase system power demand.

With RDS(on) up to 25% better than competing devices, they minimise energy losses and improve load switching and battery management efficiency. Their outstanding performance also lowers self-heating, improving user comfort in wearable devices.

The devices have maximum RDS(on) of 50mOhm and 55mOhm, respectively, at VGS = 4.5V. This provides them with the lowest on-resistance per die area among similar 30V MOSFETs currently available. Also, the PMCB60XNE is equipped with ESD protection rated to 2kV (human body model – HBM) integrated into the tiny 1mm × 0.6mm × 0.2mm DSN1006 outline. These MOSFETs are both rated for drain current up to 4A.

As well as these two MOSFETs in DSN1006, the company has also released the PMCA14UN, a 12V, N-channel trench MOSFET in a DSN1010 package. With max RDS(on) of 16mOhm at VGS = 4.5 =V, the it offers market-leading efficiency in the 0.96mm × 0.96mm × 0.24mm (SOT8007) outline.

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