New 5MP USB3 is the lightest camera available

08-07-2022 | Teledyne FLIR | Design & Manufacture

Teledyne FLIR introduces the latest additions to the Blackfly S UB3 camera line – the BFS-U3-50S4M-C and BFS- U3-50S4C-C.

These 5MP models are especially suited for integration into small handheld devices with their impressive low weight of 53g and high pixel density ideal for integrating with compact, less expensive lenses. Employing Sony’s IMX547 sensor, they offer exceptional low-light performance with superior quantum efficiency and very low absolute sensitivity making them suitable for various challenging applications from biometrics to scientific research and more.

The device offers 5MP 2448 x 2048 @ 72FPS global shutter CMOS and, at 53g, the lightest weight camera with IMX547. The device provides high QE and low noise yield and a low Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (4.4 photon AST). It also provides superior quantum efficiency (68% QE @ 525nm) and excellent low-light performance (2.53 e- read noise). The small pixel size enables less expensive, more compact optics and its high sensitivity (High QE and Low AST) reduces lighting system requirements.

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