High accuracy temperature monitoring portfolio expanded with new sensing platform

15-07-2022 | Advanced Energy | Test & Measurement

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc now offers its Luxtron family of FluorOptic Thermometry (FOT) solutions with a new converter platform and two proprietary phosphor formulations. The Luxtron M-1000 converter with Rubilux and VioLux phosphor formulations allow high accuracy temperature measurement across an expanded temperature range for the most advanced semiconductor etch and deposition processes.

Providing a new light source and enhanced low noise photodetection, it provides dual channel capability with accuracy variations as low as ±0.2C, stability above 0.05C and the industry’s widest operating range from -200C to 450C. The converter is optimised to function with both phosphor formulations to meet the full temperature range.

“Wafer temperature is a critical process parameter for advanced High Aspect Ratio (HAR) etching used to create semiconductor devices such as 3D NAND,” said Jeff Hebb, vice president of strategic marketing and applications, critical sensing and control at Advanced Energy. “To optimize HAR etch processes, semiconductor manufacturers at the leading edge are increasingly moving towards a wider range of operating temperatures ranging from cryogenic to hot chuck. By delivering precise, repeatable measurement across a wide temperature range, the M-1000 converter and new phosphor formulations enable the full range of temperature measurement required for high-volume manufacturing of HAR processes.”