EV charging systems combo for public charging points across Europe

06-07-2022 | TTI Europe | Automotive & Transport

TTI Europe now stocks the Amphenol Excelǀmate type CCS2 combo plug for charging EVs with AC and DC power. The HVCO series complies with IEC 62196-2 and IEC 92196-3 standards for socket-outlets, plugs, vehicle connectors, and vehicle inlets.

The charging coupler combo plug is offered for 60A, 125A, and 200A with a working voltage up to 1,000V and an ambient operating temperature range of -30C to +50C. For OEMs seeking cables already assembled, there are assorted cable lengths ranging from 0.5m to 7m. Depending on the selected cable, a 400A version of the charger assembly is also offered.

Using the company's Radsok technology, the high current contacts within the plug have been tested to keep low contact resistance beyond 10,000 mating cycles with an IP44 rating, allowing OEMs to deliver extended charge cycle warranties. Also, the low voltage drop, and low-temperature rise allow the company to uniquely provide OEMs an air-cooled solution, saving installation time and cost compared to employing liquid-cooled equivalents.

“We are excited to be stocking Amphenol’s Excel|mate CC vehicle charging solutions,” said Dermot Byrne, director Industry Marketing Transportation, TTI Europe. “The air-cooled system enables OEMs to deliver higher current for faster charging while reducing the installation cost dramatically – this is a game-changer for the industry.”

The vehicle inlet and combo plug are available equipped with a coloured LED to monitor the charging status. In addition, the DC+ and DC- power contacts can be optionally fitted with temperature sensors for increased safety measures.

By Natasha Shek