Wireless multi-function ultra-compact charger IC for li-ion batteries

08-06-2022 | Torex Semiconductor | Power

Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XC6810 series, a multifunctional ultra-compact charging IC for lithium-ion batteries that supports wireless power supply. The series provides ultra-small charging ICs for Li-ion batteries suitable for wearables, hearables, or IoT devices. It has varied functions, including charge and discharge control, wireless power supply support, etc.

Charging current is 1mA to 25mA, suitable for small lithium-ion batteries, and it can deliver a wide range of charging voltage of 3.8V to 4.4V. The series is equipped with a shutdown function to suppress battery discharge when stored or not in service and a wake-up function utilising an external push button, prolonging the life of batteries and devices.

As well as the conventional LED-driven display, the CSO terminal, which indicates the charging status, has a type that displays charging level by frequency and supports charging monitoring employing a microcontroller. The product is provided with a battery voltage monitoring function, which can directly monitor the battery voltage via a microcontroller or a low battery voltage notification function.

The wide input voltage ranges from 3.5V to 28V supports wireless power and energy harvester charging such as solar. For contact-type charging utilising a cradle, etc., a type is available in which the CSO terminal modulates the power supply line, and the charging status can be reported by two-wire communication. The charging status and control can be displayed via the cradle.

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