First range of sustainable cable stripping tools now available

24-06-2022 | Industry Superstore (ISS) | Subs & Systems

Industry Superstore (ISS) now offers the availability of the WEICON TOOLS Green Line, claimed to be the world’s first range of sustainably manufactured cable stripping tools. The product range comprises various cable strippers, dismantling tools and multifunctional cable strippers. The Precision Wire Stripper S has won the World Tool Award.

The products were developed by materials experts and are made with a special formula which includes up to 97% renewable resources. The recyclable material is based on plant oils, including natural waxes, fibres and minerals and provides an exceptionally useful life expectancy.

The tool company had been researching the sustainability of its products for many years and the new eco-friendly tools provide the same quality as their successful classic product line and are just as robust and durable.

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