Charging regulator IC for secondary batteries compatible with CV

22-06-2022 | Torex Semiconductor | Power

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has released a new charging regulator IC specialising in CV charging compatible secondary batteries with an operating temperature range of 105C – XC6242 series.

In recent years, a mixture of battery types such as semi-solid-state batteries and all-solid-state batteries have been developed. The new series is a dedicated IC optimised for CV charging 2.3V small lithium secondary batteries (LTO batteries). By supporting the operating temperature of +105C, charging CV to batteries employed in high-temperature environments such as industrial applications has become possible.

The charging regulator ICs have an output voltage compatible with the charging voltage of 2.3V-type lithium secondary batteries. They can charge without exceeding secondary batteries' maximum charging voltage limit in the temperature range up to +105C. While charging is not performed, the sink current to charging ICs from secondary batteries can be kept to a low level, contributing significantly to the extension of battery drive times.

The package uses ultra-compact and low-profile USPN-4 (0.9mm x 1.2mm x h0.4mm), which contributes to the miniaturisation of the entire device.

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