ABS potting boxes offer protection for small electronic circuits

17-06-2022 | BCL Enclosures | Subs & Systems

BCL Enclosures offers two ranges of competitively-priced potting boxes fabricated in tough, high-quality ABS that protect delicate electronics in multiple applications. The potting boxes are offered in standard colours with RAL colours and alternative materials available as options.

The GPL Range has fixing lugs for secure attachment to surfaces and is provided in black, white, or grey standard colours, each in three different sizes: 36mm x 24mm x 18mm; 50mm x 30mm x 24mm and 55mm x 42mm x 27mm. Nominal wall thicknesses are 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm, respectively. These boxes are supplied in an attractive polished finish.

The PB Range is moulded in black polished ABS only as standard and is created to permanently encapsulate delicate electronics. There is a wide choice of 18 sizes, so this range is ideal for almost any application. The smallest potting box in this range, the PB109, measures just 11mm x 11mm x 9mm, while the largest is 100mm x 60mm x 25mm. The versatility of the size range and the availability of custom colours makes these one of the most popular potting box ranges available.


By Nigel Seymour

Nigel has worked in the advertising and magazine publishing industry for many years prior to helping publish articles in the early years of Electropages. He has worked with technical agencies producing documents and artwork for the web over the last few years. He has been products editor for Electropages for over five years.