Versatile and unobtrusive enclosures for domestic and commercial applications

13-05-2022 | BCL Enclosures | Subs & Systems

BCL Enclosure’s AB Series enclosures are attractive and unobtrusive, excellent for delivering a neat finish and protecting electronic or electrical systems in offices, commercial premises and domestic residences. These lidded enclosures are constructed from robust, high-quality ABS with a matt finish.

The lids of the AB range enclosures are retained with four self-tapping screws, which can be inserted from both sides. The screws are then hidden with the matching plastic covers supplied.

Six different sizes are available, including AB77, AB78 and AB88, which measure 178mm long x 122mm wide and are 36mm, 55mm and 74mm deep. These three boxes have internal standoffs in both halves and PCB slots. The three larger models are AB99, AB910 and AB1010. These enclosures are 240mm long x 190mm wide, with depths of 40mm, 65mm and 90mm, respectively, with standoffs in both halves.

Standard colours are black or white and are available on short lead times. Other RAL colours are available on request.

Customisation services, including drilling or punching custom cut-outs to serve individual applications and screen printing, are available.

By Natasha Shek