New SAR ADCs simplify design while delivering excellent performance

11-05-2022 | Analog Devices | Semiconductors

Analog Devices Inc. has released a new portfolio of next-generation 16-to-24-bit, ultra-high precision SAR ADCs that simplify the frequently complex process of designing ADCs into instrumentation, industrial and healthcare applications. The new high-performance SAR ADC family features the company's patented Easy Drive technology and versatile Flexi-SPI SPI that solves system design difficulties and widens the selection of directly compatible companion products.

The Easy Drive technology preserves device performance while eradicating many conventional system-level design challenges such as strict layout guidelines, rigid digital interface timing demands, and the complicated choice of companion products. The versatile Flexi-SPI digital interface eases host processor and ADC integration by offering easy-to-meet timing requirements. The combination of high performance with this reimagined digital interface gives a better overall design experience while also speeding the system design cycle.

First in the pin-compatible SAR ADC family of six, the 24-bit dual-channel, simultaneous sampling, 2Msps per second per channel AD4630-24 provides an INL rating of 0.9ppm, which is a four-times improvement when compared to others. The device combines a reference buffer and all critical decoupling components into a single chip, providing a two-times improvement in solution density compared with others.

"The combination of performance and speed will lead to more accurate and stable digital control loops that can settle to their final set point with lower latency," said Ray Goggin, general manager for ADI's Electronic Test and Measurement Group. "ADI's new family of ADCs is an intentional technology evolution that further simplifies the process of designing, evaluating and getting digitally controlled precision instrumentation products to market faster."

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