New RF signal generator offers high purity signal generation and modulation

12-05-2022 | RIGOL Technologies | Test & Measurement

RIGOL Technologies has released the DSG3000B Series RF Signal Generator providing high purity signal generation and modulation. The device is offered in 6.5GHz and 13.6GHz models with optional built-in IQ baseband generator and OXO timebase with standard AM/FM/├śM analog modulation up to 3.6GHz, and I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output up to 6.5GHz.

The new device provides high signal purity with phase noise measuring <-116dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical) and a wide output amplitude range of -130dBm to +25dBm with an amplitude accuracy of <0.5dB (typical). These generators provide a standard 1ppm internal clock and an optional 5ppb high stability clock, and optional pulse modulation and pulse train generator. The series offers a wear-free electronic attenuator design with USB/LAN/GPIB interfaces standard and supports LXI-C and SCPI command set. The unit has a standard 2U height to save rack space with an available rack mount kit.

"Our new DSG3000B Series RF Signal Generators provide a clean carrier to 13.6 GHz and allows engineers to generate complex signals without any additional hardware using the built-in modulations," stated Chris Armstrong, director of product marketing for RIGOL USA. "With a starting price of only $9,999 this new microwave signal generator gives RF engineers a high performance yet affordable option for their design verification and testing applications."

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