RIGOL Technologies

Multi-channel coherent microwave RF source for frequencies up to 20GHz

RIGOL Technologies has released a new RF Microwave Generator, the DSG5000 Series, that can generate up to 20GHz carriers with high signal fidelity. These new generators are provide

Test & Measurement | 18-10-2022

Linear DC power supply provides low current measurements

RIGOL Technologies has released its next generation of Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies, the DP2000. This new benchtop power supply features three fully isolated channels with

Power | 05-10-2022

New RF signal generator offers high purity signal generation and modulation

RIGOL Technologies has released the DSG3000B Series RF Signal Generator providing high purity signal generation and modulation. The device is offered in 6.5GHz and 13.6GHz models w

Test & Measurement | 12-05-2022

Powerful oscilloscope for up to 5GHz bandwidths

RIGOL Technologies has announced its next generation of technological innovation with the release of StationMax Digital Oscilloscopes powered by the new UltraVision III platform. T

Test & Measurement | 07-02-2022

Higher current models add to series of linear DC power supplies

RIGOL Technologies expands its DP800 Series of Linear Benchtop DC Power Supplies with new higher current models up to 20A. The new models offer a programmable linear power supply w

Power | 31-01-2022

New oscilloscope for high throughput and high channel count system applications

RIGOL Technologies has expanded its UltraVision II technology platform with the introduction of the DS8000-R Rack-Mount Digital Oscilloscope. This new oscilloscope offers up to 2GH

Test & Measurement | 30-03-2021