New 40V MOSFET to control BLDC motors for automotive applications

05-05-2022 | MagnaChip | Automotive & Transport

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has released a new 40V MOSFET to control BLDC motors for automotive applications. The new 40V MOSFET is fully AEC-Q101 certified as reliable automotive semiconductors crucial to vehicle safety. The first application of this new product is for the Electric Water Pump of a new EV model from a global auto manufacturer. This MOSFET is also ideal for various BLDC applications, such as engine cooling fans, electric oil pumps, electric power steering and battery cooling fans.

The company continues to develop its market share in the automotive semiconductor sector with new products and advanced technology. Further, it is becoming a stable supplier of power semiconductor products as an integrated device manufacturer amid global supply chain disruptions currently affecting the automotive semiconductor industry.

“The market for both electric and internal combustion engines in the automotive sector is more competitive than ever, and the demand for high-performance MV MOSFETs is increasing rapidly,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “Accordingly, we are strengthening our presence in global markets and believe the release of this new 40V MOSFET will help us to secure greater market share.”

By Natasha Shek