Efficient device connection in healthcare and industry

09-05-2022 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Binder now offers overmoulded cable connectors of the 770 NCC series. When mated, the products satisfy the requirements of protection degree IP67 and are therefore dust-tight and protected against temporary submersion. When unplugged, they deliver IP54 protection against contact, dust and splashing water from all sides. The series is mainly developed for industrial and healthcare environments where liquid media typically happen. The connectors are fitted with an easy-to-use but reliable bayonet locking system that provides quick and safe mating and unmating.

Typically, connectors only comply with the protection degree defined in their datasheet when mated. When unplugged, covers or flaps are often employed to protect them from environmental influences. However, these elements could affect the ease of handling or interfere with the visual appearance of the system design. NCC is different: here, a spring-loaded plastic cover is found inside the connector housing as a special design element. It encompasses the pins in a contact-proof manner, shields them from particles, dust and splash water and safeguards against mechanical impact from the outside.

The series of eight-pin cable connectors with bayonet lock – in straight design – are equipped with moulded, UL-approved PUR or PVC cables, making field assembly unnecessary. They are provided with standard cable lengths of 2m and 5m; other lengths are available on request. The cable cross-section is 8mm x 0.25mm², and the cable jacket diameter is 6mm. The bending radius of the cables in move is at least ten times the cable diameter and at least five times the diameter for fixed cables. The maximum resistance of wire amounts to 79Ohm/km. The overmoulded cable connectors are designed for a rated voltage of 175V at a rated current of 2A and withstand impulse voltages of up to 1750V. Their operating temperature ranges from -25C to +85 C; the mechanical service life is specified at 5000 or more mating cycles.

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