New series of vertical, dual-row, top-entry card-edge connectors

26-04-2022 | Kyocera | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

Kyocera AVX has expanded its line of single-piece card-edge connector solutions with the addition of the new 9159-650 Series vertical, dual-row, top-entry card-edge connectors. Created to deliver significant functionality in a wide range of perpendicular, PCB-mating automotive, industrial, and lighting applications with extreme operating environments, the new series provides a high-temperature thermoplastic insulator rated for UL94 V-0 flammability performance and equipped with the company’s robust compression contact system, which employs gold-plated BeCu contacts to provide high-reliability, high-signal-integrity performance in even challenging conditions and is backed by over 25 years of deployment in a broad range of demanding electronics applications.

The new series vertical, dual-row, top-entry card-edge connectors are offered with four to 12 contacts rated for a full 2.5A each and positioned in a staggered, dual-row configuration that enables for twice the number of contact positions in roughly the same small form factor as the series vertical, single-row, top-entry card-edge connectors, which are field-proven in rugged automotive, industrial, and lighting applications since their market launch in 2013. They also take 1.6mm-thick mating PCBs with gold-plated pads and provide options for both polarisation, in which case the mating PCB layout is modified to form a key that stops improper insertion and compatibility with automated pick-and-place and SMT termination equipment, in which case Kapton tape is applied before reeling. Also, the new series vertical, dual-row, top-entry card-edge connectors are rated for 300VAC and ten cycles in operating temperatures extending from -40C to +125C.

“AVX has been producing compression contact technology proven to deliver high-reliability, high-signal-integrity performance in critical, harsh-environment applications for more than 25 years and is proud to not only offer one of the broadest standard lines of horizontal and vertical card-edge connector solutions available in the industry but to continue innovating in response to gaps in the market,” said Jiri Vojacek, product manager for KYOCERA AVX.

“We developed the new 9159-650 Series Vertical, Dual-Row, Top-Entry Card-Edge Connectors to meet growing industry demand for compact and robust card-edge connectors with more contacts by leveraging a staggered contact design that delivers double the contacts in roughly the same form factor as the existing 00-9159 Series single-row solutions and, for applications in which these and other standard card-edge solutions still don’t quite cut it, also offer semi and fully customized solutions designed to satisfy virtually any application needs.”