Expanded portfolio of IR LEDs, photodiodes and phototransistors

22-04-2022 | Transfer Multisort Elektronik | Lighting Technologies

Transfer Multisort Elektronik provides customers’ optoelectronic design projects with other Everlight products to its inventory. Through these devices, it is possible for optical switches, encoders and optical detection mechanisms, and item counting/sorting and data transmission applications, to all be addressed.

With maximum output power figures reaching 150mW, the new IR LEDs can be offered with emission angles from 20 degrees to 160 degrees. A wide range of different input voltages are supported (up to 4V). These emitters are accommodated in surface-mount packages (1206 or 3216 format) and through-hole versions with can diameters of 1.5mm to 5mm. Clear, transparent and blue lenses are offered.

Its PIN photodiodes display high photosensitivity values, with a dark current noise of just 5nA and 10nA. They also have 32V maximum reverse voltage levels. Due to the rapid responsiveness (down to 6ns), these devices can be combined with the IR LEDs (which are spectrally matched) to produce photodetection systems for applications where high-frequency operation is required. Surface mount and through-hole devices can be chosen. Flat and convex lens options are offered, plus optical filtering.

With a 940nm peak wavelength, the phototransistors that it now stocks are created for a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 30V. Various packaging options are available - through-hole and surface mount.

Commenting on the new product additions, TME co-founder and business development director, Adam Kuczyński, said, “The technical and financial pressures that engineers are now under mean that they need to source optoelectronics devices that attain high-performance benchmarks and offer cost-effectiveness plus long-term reliability too. The Everlight IR LEDs, PIN photodiodes and phototransistors that we now stock successfully tick all of these boxes.”

By Natasha Shek