Time-saving and ease of use in automation components assembly

29-03-2022 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

As an alternative to the widely used screw termination, the cage clamp technology allows simple implementation with little time exposure for customer cable assemblies. Vibration-proof cage clamp variants are offered for binder's M12 connector series 713, 715 and 825.

The company provides the field-wireable products of its M12 series 713, 715 and 825 with cage clamp quick connection. These connectors include four-pin and five-pin variants, both male and female. Shielded and shieldable products equipped with A, B and D coding are offered. Therefore, cage clamp technology covers an extensive part of the company's M12 portfolio.

Standardised M12 circular connectors are part of the basic equipment in factory and process automation and robotics. They are primarily employed for field cabling, for example, sensors and actuators. Depending on the coding, they are ideal for integrating automation components into Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, or CAN networks. They can transmit signals and data and provide the field devices with electrical power. Connectors that can be field assembled by the customer are especially advantageous concerning individual, flexible cable lengths or the assembly of special cables. Here, screw termination is extremely widespread as an inexpensive but comparatively labour-intensive technology. In the course of Industry 4.0, however, the demand for data acquisition devices and data transmission lines is increasing. Therefore, the fast and straightforward manageability of the termination technology is becoming increasingly critical. In extensive and complex installations that need a high throughput in assembly, quick-connection methods offer a significant economic benefit due to their measurable time advantage.

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