Highly accurate and low power barometric pressure sensor

03-03-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

TDK InvenSense SmartPressure Barometric Pressure Sensor, available now from Mouser, is a high-accuracy, low power, barometric pressure, and temperature sensor solution.

This ICP-20100 module integrates a capacitive pressure sensor for monitoring pressure changes in the range of 30kPa to 110kPa. The sensor also includes a DSP module for on-chip calibration with an ADC, digital filtering, FIFO, I2C, I3CSM, and SPI interfaces. The device can be configured to accomplish ultra-low noise or ultra-low-power performance and is flexible to perform anywhere in-between.

The sensor is provided in a closed 2mm x 2mm x 0.8mm 10-pin LGA package with a vent hole. Applications include smartphones and tablets, wearable sensors, drones and toys, fitness trackers, home and building automation, and weather stations.

By Natasha Shek