BNC connector added to range of narrow feedthrough connectors

29-03-2022 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics has added a BNC connector version to its SLIMS FeedThrough Connector range. Widely employed for RF, Test and Measurement equipment and security systems, the BNC version is offered in 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm impedances.

The narrow form factor of its range is widely employed by audio, broadcast, data and communications systems manufacturers in the USA and becoming popular in the UK and Europe for increasing panel density and for products exported to North America. Other applications for the new connector include education and laboratory devices.

The range provides a more compact alternative to its 26mm wide XLR form factor product range. The new connectors are only 19mm wide, allowing up to 20 to be mounted in a 1U, 19" rack panel, rather than only 16 of the existing XLR design.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, other SLIMS versions are the widely used data connector types RJ45, HDMI and USB 2 and 3. Supplied in either a black plastic shell or nickel silver metal, SLIMS connectors may be mounted to the front or rear of control panels, have assembly options of 3.2mm plain holes, countersunk holes or 2.5mm plain self-tap holes. The mounting holes are on the central vertical axis of the connector.

Cliff's FeedThrough connectors allow standard, off the shelf connecting cables for internal connectivity, simplifying and speeding up system assembly and facilitating easy equipment repurposing.

Leaders in the design and manufacture of FeedThrough connectors, Cliff's wide range of XLR form factor types allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast (studio and mobile), lighting, audio, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, PoE and industrial applications, instrumentation and control connectivity.

The most popular connectors in Cliff's FeedThrough range are CAT 5e RJ45, CAT 5e Shielded RJ45, CAT 6 RJ45, CAT 6 Shielded RJ45, HDMI Female-Female, USB 3.0 A-A, USB 2.0 B-A and USB 2.0 A-A. All are widely used in data and audio-visual applications.

John Hall, managing director of Cliff Electronics, says, "The new BNC version of our SLIMS FeedThrough connector opens a wide new marker for us in RF, wireless and security systems. Our FeedThrough connectors allow systems designers to integrate many different types of connector onto a standard 19" rack panel with just one type of cut out and use off the shelf connecting cables, greatly simplifying assembly."

By Natasha Shek