Advanced electrothermal models cover entire MOSFET temperature range

30-03-2022 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has released new, enhanced electrothermal models for its MOSFET devices. The new advanced models capture the thermal interdependency of the whole set of device parameters across the entire operating temperature range from -55C to 175C.

Overall accuracy is further enhanced by including reverse diode recovery time and device EMC performance in these advanced models. These allow engineers to develop accurate circuit and system-level simulations and assess the electrical, thermal and EMC performance before committing to construct a prototype. These models also assist in saving time and resources because engineers, who were previously needed to ensure that their designs could function under (unlikely) worst-case conditions, can now simulate their designs over specific temperatures ranges.

The company developed these models in close partnership with a Tier 1 OEM whose demands could not be satisfied by any others currently available. “These new advanced electrothermal models are intended to give designers the ultimate degree of confidence in the results of their circuit simulations,” according to Andy Berry, applications engineer with Nexperia. “Their unprecedented level of precision is evidenced by how accurately the models predict real device behaviour during double pulse testing. Initial feedback from our collaborative partner indicates that these models are the most exact they have ever seen.”

By Natasha Shek