Innovative surface haptic solutions for flexible AMOLED displays

16-02-2022 | Tanvas | Subs & Systems

Tanvas, Inc. has teamed up with one of the world’s leading display suppliers to advance surface haptic technology on flexible AMOLED displays. The blend of a flexible touchscreen with tactile textures and haptic effects opens creative applications and responsive surfaces in any shape, size or configuration. TanvasTouch surface haptics together with flexible AMOLED screens are ideal for a broad range of applications, including automotive, home automation and other commercial displays, including notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices.

It is a surface haptic technology that employs proprietary haptic technology to facilitate tactile textures and effects to be felt as the fingers swipe over the surface of the display. Unlike conventional vibration-based haptics that needs actuators to move mass, this solution is a solid-state answer that can deliver different haptic effects simultaneously in multiple zones on the same surface. It offers easy-to-program haptics that are consistent regardless of the shape or size of the display.

“AMOLED displays are ultra-thin, light, and flexible making them suitable for bending and folding and uniquely suited for TanvasTouch surface haptic technology,” said Kevin Klein, VP of Marketing at Tanvas. “The absence of mechanical motors, complex tuning and moving parts make this technology a great match for adding haptic effects to these versatile displays.”

Displays are moving toward larger, curved and flexible shapes where conventional haptics are complicated, expensive or not even feasible to implement. Conventional vibration-based haptic technology needs a controlled way to vibrate the screen making it more demanding to engineer for pliable surfaces. TanvasTouch uses a surface panel built like current touchscreens but is specially designed to deliver surface haptics.

The company has completed several working demonstrations that showcase the technology for commercial use.

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