Highly secure LoRaWAN networking solution meets needs of wide selection of IoT applications

18-02-2022 | Avnet | Design & Manufacture

Avnet Silica offers the availability of Microsoft Azure Sphere-enabled LoRaWAN gateways from Miromico. The new LoRaWAN gateways seamlessly combine the Microsoft Azure Sphere platform, which allows monitoring, tracking and managing data in virtually every environment from buildings to factories, hospitals, agricultural and retail applications, and smart cities. Integrating the platform from qiio, the gateway supports cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, with effortless deployment and automatic management.

Ensuring security and smooth operation of these gateways has always been a significant challenge. However, the Azure Sphere platform provides peace of mind for operators on these fronts. Firstly, it provides safety from the risk of cyber-attacks by delivering multiple layers of security to help guard the gateways against threats. It can also be deployed in an adaptable way to secure existing equipment and build protection into new IoT infrastructure development. Also, error reporting and automatic security update services allow users to stay ahead of current and evolving threats.

Secondly, the platform also supplies guaranteed maintenance for the gateways throughout their operational lifetime, automatically handling security maintenance tasks, including the daily authentication of hardware and software. Close integration between the platform and the gateway hardware provides a failsafe mechanism for OTA updates, enabling customers to remotely upgrade gateways with no fear of them becoming unreachable due to a glitch throughout the update.

By Natasha Shek