Wide selection of ceramic passive electronics to power conversion technologies

13-01-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser offers a wide selection of products from Murata, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing ceramic passive electronic components, wireless connectivity modules, and power conversion technologies. With over 19,000 Murata parts in stock, it provides an ever-growing selection of the manufacturer's latest solutions, including products from Murata Electronics, Murata Power Solutions, and Murata IPDiA.

The company's ultra-broadband silicon capacitors are excellent for optical communication systems (ROSA/TOSA, SONET, and all optoelectronics) and high-speed data systems. These capacitors deliver low insertion loss, low reflection, and high phase stability from 16kHz up to 60GHz for the UBSC/UBEC series and up to 20GHz for the ULSC/ULEC series, and high rejection up to 26GHz for the UWSC series.

LQW43FT automotive broadband inductors are AEC-Q200 qualified and are perfect for vehicle-mounted PoC systems employed in serialiser and deserialiser interfaces. The inductors deliver a high current of 1000mA and an inductance range of 10µH to 22µH.

MGJ2 2W bipolar-output SMT DC-DC converters are excellent for powering high-side and low-side gate drive circuits for IGBT and SiC-based MOSFET high-voltage gate drivers employed in industrial, renewable energy, and mobility applications. Offered in 12V and 15V rails, the converters provide a power rating of 2W.

DMR35 digital panel meters perform precision DC or voltage measurements and feature highly visible, 3½-digit measurements (depending on selected range) with a fast-acting 21-segment bar graph.

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