New high peak output current photocouplers offer an easy upgrade path

21-01-2022 | Toshiba | Subs & Systems

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH offers two photocouplers (TLP5705H and TLP5702H), housed in a thin SO6L package, for usage as insulated gate drivers for small to medium capacity IGBTs/MOSFETs. The rugged devices are ideal for applications in industrial equipment, including inverters, AC servo drives, PV inverters and UPS.

The TLP5705H is its first product to offer a peak output current rating of ±5A in a thin SO6L package, while the TLP5702H has a peak output current rating of ±2.5A. When creating with these new photocouplers, systems such as small to medium capacity inverters and AC servo drives that employ buffer circuits for current amplification can now drive their IGBTs/MOSFETs straight from the photocoupler. This removes the requirement for any buffer circuit while simplifying design, lessening part count and allowing miniaturisation.

The SO6L package's footprint is only 10mm x 3.84mm and can be mounted on the PCB land pattern of a conventional SDIP6 package, enabling an easy upgrade path for Toshiba's current photocouplers, such as the TLP700H.

At only 2.3mm high, the SO6L package is thinner than the current 4.25mm tall SDIP6, which brings excellent flexibility to component placement and permits it to be mounted on the reverse side of a PCB or utilised where physical constraints impose limits on available height. Where a larger lead-form is needed, the TLP5702H(LF4) and TLP5705H(LF4) designate parts with identical electrical performance, housed in an SO6L(LF4) package with a broader pin distance.

The new photocouplers operate from a supply voltage (VCC) between 15VDC to 30VDC and provide a propagation delay of just 200ns. They all work at temperatures between -40C and +125C, making them excellent for industrial applications and other harsh environments.

By Natasha Shek