Expanded lineup of ultra-low quiescent current inductor built-in step-down DC-DC converters

18-01-2022 | Torex Semiconductor | Passives

Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XCL232, a new series of inductor built-in step-down DC-DC converter.

The series is a synchronous step-down micro DC-DC converter that combines an inductor and a control IC in a tiny package.

The efficiency performance at a light load current is greatly enhanced by implementing ultra-low power consumption circuits, 200nA consumption current, and PFM control method. Notably, the efficiency at an output current of several μA to 10μA has been enhanced by 70% or more compared to traditional products. The series is compatible with low consumption MCUs and SoCs. Furthermore, a low output voltage from 0.5V can be selected, making it excellent for low voltage SoCs.

Combining control IC and coil makes it achievable for ultra-compact, high efficiency from a light load, and low EMI by simply attaching two small ceramic capacitors externally. This makes it simple for customers to design in.

The series is suitable for IoT, mobile and wearable devices that emphasise small size, area saving, high-efficiency performance at a light load current, or all devices that emphasise battery life.

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