Dual high-side gate driver with SPI protects battery systems

27-01-2022 | Infineon | Automotive Technologies

Infineon Technologies AG has launched the EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM, a smart gate driver with SPI interface. The gate driver is an excellent companion to its 80/100V OptiMOS MOSFETs. It is also a excellent option for switching high-current loads in a 48V board net.

This smart, dual-channel high-side gate driver in the EiceDRIVER APD family is able to tolerate negative voltages at Vbat down to -90V and voltages up to +105V. These different voltage conditions may occur through a short circuit or a poor contact connection event. Moreover, the new device possesses a current sense amplifier for high or low-side measurement. The low-side measurement helps decrease cost, PCB space and the overall power dissipation, since the existing shunt resistor of the battery management system may be employed. With the two integrated output channels, it is able to control a dedicated pre-charge path or separate the charging and discharging current path of the battery, decreasing PCB space and overall cost still further.

The device is PRO-SIL ISO26262-ready and supplied with a safety application note to aid the usage in functional-safety applications. To speed the design-in process, an evaluation board and a reference board equipped with the EiceDRIVER APD 2ED4820-EM are available for order.

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