Pre-drivers combine small size with high performance

13-12-2021 | Melexis | Power

Melexis has released new LIN BLDC-motor pre-drivers that incorporate small size with high performance and power capability for automotive mechatronic applications. The MLX81340 (32KB Flash) and MLX81344 (64KB Flash) integrate three high-side and low-side driver channels. They control external NFETs with up to 60nC capacitance to handle applications up to 500W.

The single-chip gen-3 LIN motor drivers integrate the LIN communication interface, high-side and low-side drivers and protection mechanisms for external power FETs. The devices are offered in pin-compatible 4mm x 4mm QFN24 and 5mm x 5mm QFN32 packages that facilitate exceptionally small-size PCBs.

“Our family of LIN drivers lets customers achieve a tailored solution for applications from below 10W up to 1000W. They leverage single-chip integration that saves space, simplifies design, and enhances reliability,” said Marc Lambrechts, product line manager, Embedded Motor Drivers, Melexis. “By delivering the best combination of price and performance across a broad application spectrum, our innovative drivers enable customers to create richly featured and competitive mechatronics solutions.”

The ICs leverage the company’s high-voltage SOI technology. They incorporate analog and digital circuitry with a driver stage that includes high-side and low-side drivers, a charge pump, voltage monitoring to guard the external FETs, and current sensing. Including the LIN controller and physical layer, diagnostics, PWM generator, and watchdog, the ICs permit smooth and silent FOC for BLDC motors. The devices have been produced as ASIL-B SEooC in accordance with ISO26262, and it allows the proper safety diagnostics and safe operation for challenging applications.

Support for developers operating with the devices contains a complete LIN software communication stack and application code examples allowing users to begin evaluating their mechatronic prototypes quickly. The examples benefit from its experience in sensorless motor driving (Trusense) or FOC to realise efficient and low acoustic noise operation.

The ICs are qualified to AEC-Q100 and specified over the operating temperature range -40C to 150C.

By Natasha Shek