New range of stainless-steel pushbutton enclosures for hygienic applications

16-12-2021 | Powell Electronics | Subs & Systems

Powell Electronics offers the new HYPB range of IP69/IP69K stainless steel pushbutton enclosures for hygienic applications from Hammond Manufacturing. Ideal for applications where maintaining hygiene standards and avoiding contamination is of high importance, such as food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, the range of enclosures has been developed for usage with hygienic pushbuttons and to withstand average high temperatures and regular high-pressure wash-downs. They also have no areas, such as slotted screw heads, quarter-turn latches or welded mounting brackets, where contaminants could gather and all sides slope to assure any water quickly drains off.

Offered with 22.5mm and 30.5mm holes with a single row of one, two, three or four mounting holes, two rows with four holes arranged in two rows of two or two rows with six holes arranged in two rows of three, the series benefits from a rectangular design allowing the units to be surface mounted vertically or horizontally to serve most applications. The cover is affixed to the body with crevice-free hex head bolts fitted with a silicone washer to eradicate potential dirt traps. The blue 'hygiene' coloured silicone gasket makes any contaminants more visible and is fitted beyond the door edges so that there are no crevices in which dirt can collect.

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