High-speed rail-to-rail comparator can save cost on board-to-board wiring

09-12-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments TLV3601 High-Speed Rail-to-Rail Comparator, available now from Mouser, is a 325MHz, 2.5ns propagation delay comparator with rail-to-rail inputs. The device offers a fast response and wide operating voltage range. It is excellent for narrow signal pulse detection and data and clock recovery applications in LIDAR, range finders, and line receivers.

The comparator provides push-pull (single-ended) outputs that simplify and save cost on board-to-board wiring for I/O interfaces while decreasing power consumption when compared to other high-speed differential output comparators. The devices directly interface with most prevailing digital controllers and IO expanders in the downstream circuit.

The device is housed in a very small five-pin SC70 package which makes it ideal for space-constrained equipment.

Typical applications include laser distance meters, clock and data recovery high-speed trigger function in oscilloscope and logic analysers, distance sensing in lidar, drone vision, and high-speed differential line receivers.

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