Ultra-high-power-density charger solution delivers improved efficiency

09-11-2021 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released a three-chip solution for improving the performance of ultra-high-power-density USB Type-C PD systems. These products can be employed in various consumer electronics applications, including smartphone chargers and notebook adapters.

The AP43771V USB Type-C PD decoder is compatible with PD3.0, PPS Rev 3.0, V1.2 (TID – 4305), and Qualcomm Quick Charge QC4/QC4+/QC5 (QC20201127203) protocols. It supports a 3.3V to 24V operating voltage range. It includes an OTP ROM for all the main firmware and an MTP ROM to accommodate user configuration data.

With I2C and GPIO pins and built-in application firmware, the device backs several intelligent power management systems throughout charging states. These incorporate smart power-sharing among multiple charging ports, thermal power de-rating, LED light indication, and fault indication.

The AP3306 is an ACF controller that reaches elevated operational efficiency through ZVS and magnetic energy recycling. It can be employed with an integrated driver GaN FET, a Cascode GaN FET, or a MOSFET serving as the main low-side switch. With integrated high-side ACF gate driver control, the device supports leakage energy recycling circuitry through a reduced-current-capability high-side MOS switch. This high degree of integration and use of cost-effective components reduces BOM costs and board space.

The APR340 is a secondary-side SR MOSFET driver optimised for use with the AP3306. It provides a built-in pulse linear regulator and operates in CC mode to safeguard the charging system. The system output voltage can go as low as 2V, a notable benefit in PPS applications.

The AP43771V is available in both W-DFN3030-14 and W-QFN4040-24 package options. The AP3306 is provided in a SO-10 package format, while the APR340 in a SOT26 package.

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