New AC surge protectors save space with compact form factor

08-11-2021 | Transtector | Power

Transtector Systems has launched new AC surge protectors. The SP50RS Series AC surge protectors provide UL1449 Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs and are excellent for telecom base stations, emergency dispatch and hospital applications, industrial automation, offering reliability and value with versatile functionality in compact designs.

This series of outdoor AC surge protectors offer high surge protection capacity rated for main AC panel protection, in a compact form factor providing local and remote status indicators.

“I’m very excited about the enhancements that these upgrades bring,” said Dan Rebeck, product line manager. “It’s the same robust, economical, Type 1 and Type 2 protection but in a smaller form factor and with a remote status indicator to monitor protection in real-time.”

The protectors offer high capacity 50kA MOV technology protection. Also available are a conduit hub mount or bracket mount – the bracket is sold as an accessory. The device is NEMA 4X outdoor weatherised.

By Natasha Shek