Lower trip temperature added to thermal fuse series

19-11-2021 | Schurter | Passives

Schurter’s Reflowable Thermal Switch, RTS, now comprises a version intended to trip at >175C, as well as the existing variant set to trip at >210C.

The compact thermal SMD fuse protects power semiconductors by precisely and reliably interrupting a circuit at a pre-defined temperature.

Highly integrated power semiconductors employed in dense circuits can lead to overheating and, therefore, thermal runaway. The device, measuring only 6.6mm x 8.8mm, guards against such conditions while sustaining operating currents up to 130A at rated voltages of up to 60VDC. Breaking capacity is up to 400A at 24VDC.

The device is mounted utilising conventional reflow solder processes with temperature profiles up to 260C, after which it is mechanically armed by pressing the top. The status of the device is clearly and instantly visible to the installer.

The device is offered with or without added shunt functionality in the same package dimensions as the version without shunt. It meets the high-reliability requirements of AEC-Q200 and MIL-STD.

By Natasha Shek